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Bringing Peace to Your ​Pregnancy & Labor

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I’m Jocelyn

I get it—being in labor comes with ​a whole world of feelings, from joy ​to stress. You don't have to ​navigate this journey alone. I'm ​here to offer you balance, comfort, ​and the support you deserve.

My Journey to Becoming a Doula:

"I was drawn to becoming a birth doula because I saw ​firsthand the difference that informed, loving support can ​make. Having gone through my own birth trauma, I realized ​that a little help goes a long way during this tender phase."

Experience and Credentials:

"I bring 4 years of heartfelt service to my role as your birth ​doula. I am certified in labor and birth support as well as ​breastfeeding education and have attended numerous births ​and lactation consolations. My experience has taught me ​how to effectively support clients so they can truly enjoy this ​special chapter."

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What Sets Me Apart:

"What sets me apart is my commitment to you. You're not ​just another client; you who deserve to feel confident, heard, ​and to be cared for. I tailor my support to your unique needs, ​whether it's helping you through pregnancy, childbirth, ​and/or with breastfeeding."

What I Believe:

"I don't just focus on having a healthy baby; I take a holistic ​approach that includes nurturing you. Childbirth requires a ​supportive birth team, and I aim to be a valuable part of ​yours."

My Approach:

Personalized Support:

"Your story is unique, and so are your needs. Whether this is ​your first baby or you’re adding another bundle of joy to your ​family, I adapt my support to fit your situation."

Knowledgeable Care:

"I don't just go by the book; I stay updated on the latest ​evidence-based practices in labor and lactation care. I bring ​you tried and true methods that work."


"Life doesn't operate on a 9 to 5 schedule, especially with a ​new baby joining the world. That’s why I offer labor support ​during the daytime, nighttime, and even on the weekends.”

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My Promise

"I promise to be there for you, in ​the ways that you need, during ​this transformative time. My ​mission is to fill your labor period ​with support, education, and lots ​of love. Let’s make this journey ​beautiful, together."

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Rochester, NY

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Labor & Birth Support

Overwhelmed about giving birth? Get straightforward, ​evidence-based tips from me. From pregnancy to labor, ​you'll be supported and comfortable so that you can ​have the best birthing experience possible.

What You Get:

  • Text, phone, and email support throughout your ​pregnancy.
  • On call period from two (2) weeks before your due date ​until baby arrives.
  • Two (2) Prenatal visits including birth planning support.
  • One (1) postpartum visit including feeding help as needed.

Perfect for those looking for pregnancy and labor support ​in both a hospital, birthing center, or at-home setting.

investment: $250-$1000

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Breastfeeding Education

Struggling to latch? Let's fix that. I use proven methods ​to teach you and your baby how to breastfeed. Finally, ​everyone can have a happy feeding experience.

What You Get:

  • One (1) hour long lactation consolation that it fully hands ​on and customized to your needs.
  • Breastfeeding education and support with your child in real ​time.
  • Follow-Up Support: We'll tweak the plan as needed to ​ensure success.

Perfect for first-time parents, or those who haven't been ​in the baby game for a while and need a quick refresher.

investment: $50

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Why Choose Me

Personalized Care:

More Than Just a Service:

"Having a new baby is an intimate and unique experience. I get that. That's why ​I'm available for you through call, text, or email, making sure you're never alone on ​this journey."

Tailored to You:

"Every family is different. I take the time to understand your needs, your concerns, ​and your goals. This isn't a one-size-fits-all service; it's custom care designed just ​for you."

Expert Guidance:

Proven Methods:

"Childbirth comes with a lot of questions. Benefit from my years of training and ​hands-on experience to get the support that are both expert-approved and ​tailored to real life."

Ongoing Support:

"As your needs evolve, I'm here to adapt and offer guidance every step of the way."

Affordable Rates:


"Budgets are real, especially with a new baby. I offer payment plans that deliver ​high-quality care without stressing you out."

Transparent Pricing:

"No hidden costs or surprise bills. You'll know upfront what you're investing in, so ​you can plan accordingly."

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A Calming Presence

“Jocelyn was such a calming presence while my husband and I were navigating the birth of our first child. ​She took the time to understand what my hopes and expectations were, and provided support in the ​hospital accordingly. When the doctors offered options, Jocelyn was able to translate the medical language ​and provide insight on how it fit my desires without adding pressure in either direction. I felt in control of an ​otherwise overwhelming experience, and we are so grateful that we were able to have her there.”


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Speaking from the Heart

“Jocelyn is very knowledgeable in ​breastfeeding and also helped me with ​being a first time mom. She can truly ​speak from the heart.”


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Non judgmental Support


“Jocelyn helped me to make senes of ​everything and more importantly provided ​factual information specifically for my ​baby at his age and stage of life. To top it ​off she consulted in an encouraging and ​non-judgmental way.”


Frequently Asked Questions

How Soon Should I Book Your Services?

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The sooner, the better to ensure I’m available for your specific dates. However, life is unpredictable—​especially with pregnancy and labor. I try to accommodate last-minute requests when possible.

What Are Your Fees?

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Finances shouldn't be a stressor during this special time. That's why I offer payment plans to suit various ​needs. From paying in increments to using an HSA, there’s something to fit every budget. Detailed ​pricing can be discussed during our initial free consultation.

Can Family Members Be Involved?

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Absolutely, family support can be crucial. I encourage spouses, partners, and even grandparents to be ​part of the process; if you wish them to be. Whether it’s learning about childbirth or providing emotional ​support, everyone’s involvement creates a stronger, holistic support system.

Do You Offer Virtual Services?

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Yes, for those who prefer or require it, virtual consultations and guidance are available. This can be a flexible and convenient option for many families.

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